Monday, June 8, 2015

Vigilance – Getting to Safety Excellence

A part of our profession is the desire for safety excellence on and off-the-job.  Are we ever good enough?  In times past, a good organization would measure their performance in millions of work hour segments without a lost time injury, also known as lost time incident rate. I think we have all experienced the green sign at the worksite or office site that tracks days since the last lost time injury.  Times have changed to where the best of the best don’t even track severity numbers, but rather watch a downstream indicator like medical rate.  Whereas the worst of the worst can’t seem to get into this era of lesser severity rate indicators or even think of the next step that is upon us right now; leading indicator excellence.  What are members across our organization doing proactively to eliminate the possibility of injury and how does our indicator dashboard track these responsibilities, efforts and accountabilities?
This ever improving scenario brings to mind something my Papa once told me, “Son, watch where you are going, but remember where you have been.”  Each of us has some memories to be proud of and others we wish we had never been so wrong to have tried.  As you look to the future to improve your organization’s safety culture, as well as your personal / family safety, consider the following:  you will move along a progression line that takes you from thought to action, which makes a positive difference to vigilance that delivers sustainability of excellence.  As you are on this journey from action to vigilance, take into account the positive and negative learnings from where you have been.  And stay in the game of improvement no matter which metrics you use.  In the grand scheme of things, status quo complacency only leads to getting worse.
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