Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Professor – Effective teaching

One of the many important roles of the safety pro is teaching.  Not surprisingly, this is also an important role for a parent raising their children to be the best they can be.  On- or off-the-job teaching is not an easy duty for those of us who were not professionally trained as teachers.  However, there is a real need to effectively take on the job and family member associates from initial exposure, to knowledge, all the way through to skillful, consistent practice.  This is an important skill for all of us to master, or at least perform well.  At the front line of an organization or family, how we lead in educating our students and follow up on their development is a critical success factor in what we do and consequently in how they perform safely and correctly.  In this teaching role, each of us develops and delivers a personal style that usually needs some tune up work to be truly effective.

There is an “old saw” that goes something like: A lecture is the fastest means known for getting notes from the teacher into the notes of the students without passing through the minds of either.  To confront this unfortunate paradigm, we must take responsibility for training our front line personnel and front line leadership and family.   That training needs to impart to them the importance of being personally committed to an incident free lifestyle and to living a personal culture of correct in all they do.  In order to go beyond ineffective lecturing, there are some basic proven principles which we need to apply and demonstrate:

·         Prepare the student to receive the teaching; the what, the who, the how, the when, the why

·         Present the job (material) to be done (learned) and practiced

·         Actively involve the person to be trained in what they are expected to learn and what they are needing to develop into a personal skill

·         Follow up after the teaching to ensure they have transformed the knowledge trained into their living the important skill that they personally practice

This probably sounds like a lot of work which likely wasn’t a part of what you originally considered to be your duties as the professor / trainer.  However the “A” through “F” grade your students exhibit on the job, and in life, is also a reflection of how well you trained them to master the important aspects of what they need to perform after your training takes place.

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