Monday, May 11, 2015

Home safe home – Off-the-job challenges for the safety pro

A while back National Safety Council (NSC) published data about off-the-job safety statistics being far worse than those on the job.  These 2010 statistics had nearly 90% of fatalities and 70% of medical cases occurring to industrial employees while they were away from work. 

At a recent safety consulting meeting, the focus shifted to family time and what the safety pro can do to reduce risk.  How many of us have trained our loved ones and neighbors about basics like:

·         Ladder safety 
·         Fall protection
·         Emergency preparedness
·         Fire extinguisher use
·         Yard work PPE
·         Water safety
·         Phone usage in operating vehicles

Our group took turns training each other on these basic off-the-job safety tips so that we could in turn train our family and friends.  One participant even talked about the importance of developing a “code word” for your children to use when approached by an adult who claims to be representing the absent parent.  We live in a very dynamic world, which is different from when we were raised by our parents. How can you effectively utilize your safety professionalism off the job?

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