Monday, April 20, 2015

Pebbles – Safety annoyances

We all have disappointments in life.  Often these are also distractions that take our mind and focus off the important things we need to do on and off the job.  Recently my son called me when he received the annual review after his first year with a new organization; he only got a “meets expectations” instead of the “exceeds expectations” he had hoped for, which caused his personal mindset to be in the pits. .  We had a long series of discussions over the next couple of days as I shared some similar and non similar events which had affected my outlook over the years.  In each case, these disappointing circumstances turned out to be minor setbacks and annoyances that did not make any real difference in what I was doing in the near term.  They were like pebbles in my shoe.  That is except when I allowed the pebbles in my shoe to become boulders in my path as I became mentally unglued, reacting as if they were a big deal.  On rare occasions, I made career altering decisions, which delivered some painful realities I soon regretted.  I should have taken the pebble out of my shoe and continued to focus on what was truly important, rather than letting this moment in time distraction become such a big deal. 

Every job I have ever had has come with some small aggravating details I’d rather not be bothered with.  And yet each organization has these non value added pebbles that must be lived with.  As they arrive at my moment in time, the correct thing for me to do is to stop, remove the pebble, and then get on with life.  Complaining may give me a momentary mentally satisfying emotional release, but coming unglued over these annoyances only makes it worse, not better. 

As safety pros, we all get to do some required tasks which just seem to be a big waste of time.  When in reality, they are just a little waste of time in the bigger scheme of things that we are being called to do.  So I have learned to “just get over it” rather than making short term reactive decisions that sink my long term ability to accomplish what is truly important.  Are you being bothered with some pebbles in your shoe you need to pluck and chuck and then get on with what makes a difference in the lives of those we are called to serve and save?

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