Monday, January 12, 2015

Rocking Chair Safety – Staying involved

When my Papa retired, he had to adjust to the different kinds of involvement in his life. Mom was glad to have him at home most of the time and she quickly developed what looked to be an endless “to do list.”  This was good because all too often the retiree seems to vegetate into a mental and physical death.  However, my Papa also believed there should be a limit to all the “honey do projects” one is given to execute.  His escape mechanism became being a volunteer van driver for the local community’s senior wheels transportation program and a couple of other local and family volunteer activities.  I guess I could quote Papa as saying “Variety was the spice of life.” 

One day, while I was across the room and he sat in a rocking chair, more words of wisdom were shared. He said, “Son, don’t let your career or life become that of this here rocking chair.  Such a focus on comfort above all else in life makes you feel good, but you get nowhere.”   This inspiration has not led me to change jobs whenever the tasks became comfortable.  Rather, it has led me to frequently be available to others needs when I could have just as easily opted out by rocking away in a non-engaged comfort zone.  In turn, this kind of decision could soon become a one way ticket to a self imposed oblivion.  Yes, now that he has passed away, I do have my Papa’s old rocking chair in our home.  However, I only use it in the evenings when a favorite program, book or grandchild demands my attention.  The rest of the time I try to keep rocking on by using the talents and abilities I have been given to help my wife, family, current employer and others.

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