Monday, November 10, 2014

Excellence – an achievable goal for the safety professional

“Excellence is accomplished through deliberate actions, ordinary in themselves, performed consistently and carefully, made into habits, compounded together, added up over time.”   This quote is from Anson Dorrance – Head Coach UNC Women’s Soccer, who is arguably the most successful soccer coach of all time.  Dorrance continues; “I want to play on the edge, to attack rather than defend, to play to win rather than to avoid losing.”  His fierce sense of mission was about developing team members to perform at their highest level.  To read more about Anson Dorrance and his success story click here.
There are clear parallels between striving for excellence and safety.  Are we about playing out the same old script of regulatory audits, collecting observation cards or surviving another boring non productive safety meeting?  What deliberate actions (accountabilities) are there to engage our whole team of employees in the relentless pursuit of no injuries on and off the pitch (job)?  Yes, there are careful fundamentals that become habits.  Yet we must go beyond safety 101 and bring in plays to develop all our players on a team to support each other and implement what it takes to win rather than defend the safety basics.  A safety culture of excellence builds on the fundamentals and beyond to be the daily winner for all of us in our ongoing game of life.  Take a look at the plays (resources) presented in the web site for many achievable challenges your safety team can accomplish once you decide to attack the numerous real safety issues and risks that face your on- and off-the-job teams and families.

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