Monday, September 29, 2014

Half – Avoiding a safety pitfall

Most things that begin with the word “half” are bad news.  Half-baked is not good for cakes, cookies or creativity.  Half-done means you still have to do as much as you have already done.  Half-dead is never the look you desire!  Half-alive makes you think, which half?  Half-price makes you wonder, what’s wrong with it?  Half-crazy means just sane enough to be out on the streets. 

Recently, a close family member had a heart attack when the lower half of the heart stopped functioning.  The emergency room experience, surgery, post operative treatment, changed life style and more certainly convinced us that half-hearted is a very bad reality.  Perhaps the worst “half” we encounter is half-heartedness.  None of us wants to be on the receiving end of a half-hearted gesture, a half-hearted compliment, or a half-hearted commitment.  There is a message here that none of us should be satisfied living half-hearted lives that limit our ability to love, to give, to obey, to rejoice, to celebrate a job and a life worth living. 

We each have numerous choices each day as to how we will engage in the many different aspects of life.  The old cliché, “Any job worth doing is worth doing well,” among other considerations, comes into play at the family level and most certainly at the job level for the safety pro.  How are you engaging when it comes to improving the safety of those under your responsibility on and off the job?  Let’s not be half-hearted, rather let’s commit to being “all in.”

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