Monday, March 3, 2014

FNG-FOG – Safety and the aging workforce

Every decade or so, companies experience a retirement bubble as a significant number of senior employees, also known as Fantastic Old Guys, or FOGs,  transition from the workforce into their retirement world.  There is then an influx of Fantastic New Guys, or FNGs, who start the process all over again until they reach retirement age.

Companies must on-board new employees with all kinds of advanced training in technology and safety that is typically not offered to the retirement population.  In turn, the FOGs often feel as if they are being dismissed in more ways than one.  In turn, many perceive that we are not treating the FOG group, which has built and sustained our company, as well as we should.

I have been involved with a few companies that handled this dilemma well.  By interviewing each of the FOGs, the company could determine how the retiring employee really wanted to exit.  Some just want to retire quietly with no additional training or engagement.  Another noticeable portion of the FOGs truly looked forward to an enriching training they would only use for a few years.  And then, there were those FOGs who wanted to participate in delivering the basic technology and safety training the FNGs needed.  By genuinely engaging the senior workforce in the realities both they and the company were about to experience, a true win-win was accomplished.  The free expert training resource the company discovered was truly a blessing in disguise and a significant morale boost for the whole organization.

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