Monday, February 17, 2014

Shotgun – Improving your safety management systems

Safety professionals often enter a work environment where there is way too much that needs to be done.  Management wants to improve the safety performance, but there is significant uncertainty as to which issue to tackle first.  Once an initiative is selected, the leadership group often skips on to the next issue before their original initiative is up and running well.  In turn, this leads to a somewhat rapid fire shotgun approach which frustrates all and does not deliver the consistent, excellent results which are needed.  One of our recent customers put it this way, “We used the shotgun approach. We were doing dozens of things. Caterpillar Safety Services helped us step back and focus on the few critical items. In doing so, we rapidly saw better results.”

This customer had some real difficulties I am sure many of you have experienced:

  • Poor safety metrics; a recordable frequency of nearly 10
  • High employee turnover near 30%
  • High business growth that multiplied employee count by a factor of five in the last three years with more growth predicted
  • Many weak core safety processes such as start up meetings, safety committees, incident investigation and more
  • A focus on lagging metrics which did nothing proactive to improve the safety culture or performance
The upcoming webinar on Wednesday, February 19, will detail the process that Caterpillar Work Tools used to turn around their shotgun approach to a focused execution of well-prioritized initiatives with employee and management engagement.  In a twelve month time period:
  • Their recordable rate improved by 60%
  • They have a strategic plan and a consistent process that keeps them engaged on delivering safety excellence one initiative at a time
  • The organization’s morale is remarkably better
  • Their annual employee safety improvement ideas have exploded from less than 200 to more than 1,000
  • Safety metrics are focused on proactive solution engagement by all hourly and salaried employees, not on reacting to the latest injury
  • And more
Besides a brief testimony, the webinar will include detailed examples on how to:
  • Plan what needs to be done
  • Do the improvements robustly
  • Check how well the systems are functioning
  • Act on what more needs to be done
Please join John Vizner, facility manager at Caterpillar Work Tools Waco, Texas, and me for this interesting, informative and practical discussion on how to improve your Safety Management Systems and overall safety performance.

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