Monday, February 10, 2014

Light Bulb – Safety and personal consistency

I am fortunate to be able to interact in depth with excellent safety professionals and leadership personnel stationed around the globe. Time and again, I have truly benefitted from the insights others have provided. As you read through the many blog articles, I guarantee you these are not all my original concepts, even beyond what my papa provided as personal guidance.

Recently, a customer spoke about a concept that really grabbed my attention. His input was that there are three fundamental safety concepts for people: values, personal commitments and lifestyle realities. As we discussed each, there was a depth of character that you and I both will benefit from considering.
  • What are my personal values that do not change, no matter what the circumstances?  In the work place, people often take shortcuts to get the job done. Yet, if we talk to people there are always sane limits (values) they will not violate. You have these limits and so do I. The real question here is how we evaluate the personal risks we take and how might this decision affect our life, that of our workmates and our immediate family. I find I need to live safety and personal values to a greater degree. As I age and my personal abilities lessen, my personal risk assessment – as lived out in values and related actions – must also improve.
  • Personal commitment is a function of my relationships with others. Who am I, and how do I demonstrate that to others in the workplace, off the job and with family?  We all know others are watching our every move and evaluating (judging) our actions and character. Yes, I need to be aware of how I demonstrate my personal commitment to safety as well as my personal commitment to others in my circle of influence.
  • Personal lifestyle is the open book others read daily based on my actions – how I walk the talk, how I practice what I preach, how I personally demonstrate my values and commitment. In the business world, this is known as “the bottom line.”  You and I, all those in the workplace and our extended community can very quickly determine the real from the phony.
We can’t turn these important attributes on and off like a light bulb – we must live them daily. What kind of light are you shining to the people around you?

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