Monday, November 18, 2013

Leading Indicators - Improving the safety culture of your organization

Improving an organization’s safety culture and performance requires more than just measuring the injuries that we are trying to prevent. Near-miss reporting, safety work orders, and safety contacts increase safety awareness; however, employee engagement is the determining factor in effectively establishing an organization’s safety culture.
This concept is supported by Dr. Dan Petersen’s “Six Criteria for Safety Excellence:”
  • Upper management’s visible commitment to safety
  • Middle management’s active involvement in safety
  • Equal focus on safety performance and  operation deliverables
  • High level employee involvement in safety
  • Flexibility
  • Positive perception of safety by the workforce
In operations-focused cultures, involvement in these six areas can present a major challenge. In order to improve one’s safety culture, it is crucial that upper management demonstrates an ongoing, visible commitment to safety. By remaining accountable to these safety practices, management becomes the driving force to achieving engagement from the rest of the organization. Since “what gets measured is what gets done,” outlining quality leading metrics involving safety accountabilities will help engage upper management.  These safety accountabilities should deliver viable leading indicators and need to be practiced regularly by each level of the organization.

To learn more about improving the safety culture in your workplace, tune in to this month’s webinar on November 20. Zach Knoop, a former corporate safety director and now a project manager with Caterpillar Safety Services, will be sharing his personal experiences developing leading indicators for a multibillion dollar corporation.

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