Monday, October 21, 2013

Revolutionaries – Building effective safety steering teams

A different kind of corporate safety guidance is delivering a strategy and results beyond what the traditional compliance-based corporate group has typically been able to achieve.  A safety steering team with a focus on safety culture strengths and weaknesses brings together front-line practical personnel, safety professionals and upper management.   The safety steering team process engages corporate and front-line leadership, safety culture survey data, continuous improvement teams, and emerging safety needs.  The combination of corporate support, front-line practicalities, safety culture reality and effective solution techniques delivers rapid workable solutions that include functional safety accountabilities.  The resultant zero-incident safety culture intensity spreads and takes hold site by site across an organization.

Our October 23 webinar will present techniques that include purpose, deliverables, process, membership priorities, meeting scheduling, training and solution approaches.  Together these techniques can revolutionize an organization’s safety performance.

Takeaways for this webinar presentation include:

  • Why organizations plateau with traditional regulations and observation focus

  • What does a safety steering team focus on and deliver

  • Who the typical cross-functional safety steering team includes

  • When, how often and where the team meets

  • Data that is used to guide the team safety culture improvement actions

  • Typical topics focused on by a safety steering team

  • The rapid Improvement workshop approach used to deliver solutions

  • Results organizations have achieved using the safety steering team approach

This in-depth review of safety steering teams is about how to engage people across the levels of your organization in the delivery of an effective safety solution culture. Register now and join us live on October 23.

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  1. This was a great post, thanks. I was looking into different safety services companies and it seems like there are a lot of really good options out there.


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