Monday, August 12, 2013

Service - Paying our dues to be part of the profession

It seems as if being a part of the safety profession is an endless life of service; to a company, to employees, to bosses, to family, to….  Do you ever get tired of having to be a servant?  I know there have been numerous times I most certainly have.  And this feeling of semi-slavery isn’t just relegated to working in safety.  In those times of deep discussion with fellow workers, or spouses, or close acquaintances we have all hit the wall of ‘I am sick and tired of being a servant.’

Sure enough my papa had some sage advice for this attitude issue we all get a chance to face.  So here’s how his lesson in life about service goes; “Service is the rent you pay for the space you occupy on this earth.”  We all need to learn how to serve.  In my case the teaching has taken a long time and I guess on occasion I still struggle with paying the rent as others collect my dues. So just get over it?  Rather, just get used to it on the job, with the family, with people in need.  Being a willing servant is a far better part of being who you are than kicking against the goads life seems to frequently bring your way. 

The Doc  

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  1. There is nothing like hard work to get where you need to be.
    Any short cuts taken will be paid for latter.


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