Monday, May 6, 2013

Unicorns – Tackling unique safety problems

In times gone by my papa provided me with a wealth of practical knowledge from his school of hard knocks.  As a youth much of what I experienced was new territory to me, but déjà vu to my old man.  I just had to be open to accepting and applying the wisdom he made available to me.  On more than one occasion I was faced with difficult situations that could lead to troubling (or disastrous) results if I handled them poorly.  I think you readers can remember all kinds of personal decisions you also experienced while growing up such as; dating, driving, drinking, daring, etc. As Pop and I discussed these kinds of situations I can still hear him telling me, “Son, don’t ever play leapfrog with a unicorn.” 

How does this unicorn theology apply to safety?  When you are faced with a high-risk circumstance do not live in denial. Do not try to avoid dealing with the reality.  Do not play around with it or treat it lightly.  You can’t leapfrog it.  You must face it, tackle it head on and work through the reality that faces you – and do so very carefully.

The Doc

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