Monday, May 20, 2013

Honor – Little things that make a big difference

Homes and farms in my rural living area offer produce, flowers and perennials for sale by the road this time of year. The stands are often unattended and operate on the “honor system.” Once your selection is made, you put your money in a cash box or an old coffee can. After that it is off to home to enjoy the fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers.

But, unfortunately the honor system doesn’t always work. I talked this over with one of my friends in as she told her tale. One day she glanced out her window a saw a well-dressed woman load pots of perennials into her vehicle. My friend was all smiles as she mentally calculated the profit from her labors. However, when she later checked the cash box it was empty!  The honor system revealed that this person was not honorable.

Perhaps to this person, taking the flowers seemed like a little thing. However, being honest in small things indicates how we will respond to the big things. Honesty in all areas of our lives is one way we can bring honor to all that we do and to our profession that deals with the saving of lives. Whatever we do in word or deed we should do with honor to those who brought us up, to the organization that employs us, to the profession we serve, to the higher authority we respect. And whether we realize it or not, others are watching and learning and evaluating based on what they observe about our words, deeds and actions. This is an observation system that is truly behavior based and has repercussions that go way beyond what is seen.  Let us all strive to live in untarnished honor in the small things and beyond.

The Doc 

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  1. I truly believe you have something. Honour used to mean a lot more in days past than it does today. In a time when a man was only as good as his word, honour really meant something. As you so well put it in our profession of safety, honesty can mean the difference of someone's safety or if someone gets hurt on the job today. Just finishing my safety program and having high ideals about the safety I will help implement I can not imagine trained safety professionals not being honourable when it comes to another's safety.


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