Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fish – Improving your safety culture

There are a number of safety cultures for most every organization.  How does your organization handle the government regulations that focus on conditions, policies and procedures?  What about the culture that reacts to what is seen (both corrective and positive reinforcement) with respect to safety in the workplace and off the job?  How do safety accountabilities come into play for hourly, supervision and management personnel during work hours and beyond?  And how do you engage people from all walks in your organization in a focus on improving what just isn’t good enough for all those things you just read through above? 

In the ever changing organizational dynamic there is a need for all of us to learn how to engage in making our workplace, home and recreation safety cultures ones that just don’t tolerate what can lead to injuries.  The dynamic complexity does not allow us to be thrown a fish when it comes to getting better.  We need to learn how to fish so we can solve the safety problems which inevitably exist in both our working and off the job activities.  

Fortunately the necessary tools are not complex and require no math whatsoever.  They are simple concepts like POP (Purpose – Outcomes – Process), AIM (Action Item Matrix), Complaint Equals Goal, Cause and Effect Diagrams, Fault Tree diagrams, Process Maps and the like.  Learning how to use these simple problem solving and group engagement tools can revolutionize how your organization gets much better, much faster with respect to safety and productivity, and quality and customer service. 

Our upcoming webinar, “Learning to Fish: Preparing Your Facilitators to Leverage Caterpillar’s Continuous Improvement Model,” on May 22 by Caterpillar’s Todd Efird, CSP, will be an hour of in-depth, practical teaching about how to be a successful angler in the world of delivering safety culture excellence.  I hope this brief introduction has sufficiently baited your interest so you will hook up with Todd as you go deep and catch on to what it takes to successfully land a most excellent safety culture. View and preview of the presentation and register at

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