Monday, January 28, 2013

Verb or noun? – Safety accountability realities

Accountabilities that help deliver good safety performance are another one of the hot safety topics of our times. Many of us have been a part of teams that have studied and delivered safety accountabilities for various levels and work groups within our organizations. And then our safety accountability documents are filed away in safety’s equivalent of the dead letter office. Safety Accountability became a noun instead of a verb. 

There are lots of reasons for this demoralizing reality:
  • Do safety accountabilities really get measured and significantly rewarded?
  • Has upper management been a part of developing the safety accountabilities they will have to perform?
  • Have we followed the four-step model of accountability: Define, Train, Measure, Recognize?

You probably have a few other reasons to throw into this list of “should haves.”  The real shortfalls for safety accountabilities are resolvable.  However, to become a productive initiative, both your team and your follow up efforts will have to focus on the practical realities of getting safety accountability from the noun stage of definition to the verb stage of action.  There is an involvement process you must follow to be successful in safety accountabilities and “Define” is only the first step.

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