Monday, November 12, 2012

10,000 hours – Achieving excellence in what we do

I think we have all read articles or had conversations on achieving excellence. The concept of spending 10,000 hours performing a particular set of tasks is a popular paradigm to achieving excellence. If we work 40 hours a week that amounts to about 2,000 hours a year, or a minimum of total concentration for at least five years. This is a lot of concentrated effort!  Ben, a professional golfer acquaintance of mine who makes his living on the PGA circuit has been practicing since he was about six years old. On his non-tour event weeks, Ben frequently plays 36 holes of golf a day and makes innumerable practice shots on areas of his game that are just not quite up to his expectations.

My own personal professional safety journey began in 1985. I guarantee you I am not satisfied with my level of performance and keep working to improve it. ASSE and NSC events, improvement teams, technical journals, focus groups, certification preparation and many more hours in grade are a part of my regimen that focuses on personal improvement.
How are you doing on your personal 10,000+ hour professionalism?

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