Monday, October 29, 2012

Future Shock – Career planning reality

I can’t count the number of times companies have counseled me and others to fill out background data, evaluate where we want to be, forward plan our careers with them and the like.  We each have knowledge, skills, abilities, experiences, education, roots, DNA, (and, yes, attitudes) that make up the complex people we are.

Our companies are similarly complex; sometimes hiring, downsizing, promoting, reacting, etc. In a session with a company president some time back, the president  told our group that current era employees would not be like his generation (28 years with the same company) at all. Rather, the coming generations would work for 13 or so different companies and have 3-to-5 totally different careers.

So how did you get into the safety profession and to where you currently are?  My career track was anything but planned, as my boss informed me on a Tuesday that one of the 40 facilities of the company had experienced a fatality the week before. We had many discussions, the end result being that in addition to being in charge of manufacturing engineering, I was now in charge of safety for some 10,000 employees.  My boss ended with something like, “At our presidential review next Thursday, you will need to present your corporate safety improvement plan.”

The point of this blog article is a recent quote I heard: “No man who begins a journey knows how it will end, or where, or when.” With this in mind, another quote of sorts to help you succeed amid our multiplexing world realities; “Whatever you do, do it heartily.” Engage enthusiastically and at full speed. Your life of uncertainty will be much better if you do.

The Doc

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