Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The 10 percenters – Being serious about safety

I once had the privilege of interviewing safety legend Dr. Dan Petersen.

“So, Dan,” I asked, “which of your many reference books on safety is your favorite?” 

“The best ones are business books!” he replied.  “It’s not about compliance, it’s about performance.”

There seems to be a small but noticeable 10 percent of the safety professionals that are serious about engaging in significant safety cultural changes.  They are willing to discover and pursue initiatives necessary to make dramatic differences in their organizations’ safety culture and performance. 
  • It is not about achieving minimum government compliance standards
  • It is not about feeble observation programs
  • It is not about policy statements or executive pontifications
  • It is not about actively loving our employees
  • It is not about trinkets and trash for “adequate injury numbers”
This “faux safety” is nothing more than a waste of precious time and resources that delude people while making them feel good about engaging in activities that deliver little or no significant, sustained results.

What energizes me?  It is working with the “10 percenters” who are ready, willing and anxious to engage in the meaningful work of relentlessly pursuing a never ending effort to develop and deliver a zero-incident safety culture.  I long to share and assist in their passionate pursuit of safety perfection.  They are the glorious sunrise of my days.

The Doc

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