Monday, August 6, 2012

Safety Measles – Spreading a culture of safety excellence

How many of you have experienced measles, personally or within your immediate family?  My guess is that in the virtual audience of this blog, all hands are raised. We all recognize the skin splotches that indicate this common infection.

If we take a parallel journey in our virtual universe, you will realize many organizations have safety measles.   When we look across our spectrum of safety performance,  it is obvious when these select splotches of excellence exist here and there. The real issue becomes how to spread our safety measles everywhere.  We need our cultures of excellence to spread across the whole body.

This should lead to a close examination of the characteristics which have allowed our splotches to thrive.  What are the critical success factors for safety excellence measles?  These include culture superiority indicators such as leadership, support, diagnostic evaluation, condition and knowledge audits, training, fundamental safety management process error proofing, commitment, involvement, engagement, etc.

As you can tell it is not easy to catch and spread a culture of safety measles excellence.  Look throughout your organization for the obvious indicators, and then carefully and relentlessly spread the success factors which work in your organization to where safety measles don’t exist.

The Doc

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