Monday, June 18, 2012

Landslides – Life-changing events

As we trekked downhill from the inspiring glacier capped mountains of Peru, we entered the jungle canyons with their torrential rains and raging rivers. Each kilometer of the muddy and mule manure-laced trails brought incredible sights of flora, fauna and … landslides. The combination of rains and glacial runoff was just too much for the steep hillsides to bear. The huge landside scars led to evidence of villages that were affected. Rivers got dammed and redirected and, ultimately, local lives were never the same after the landslide occurred. It was apparent that there were good, bad and ugly consequences of the unavoidable landslides in the lives of the local people.

Each of us also experience landslides that affect our lives, some of them good and others not. And yet we must keep on trudging through the mud, manure, rainstorms and (happily) sunlight that happens to all of us. Think about your landslide realities. Yes, I did get fired by a boss who did not like my management style, and that landslide dammed off a career path I had been pursuing. Another company experienced a fatality and launched the current landslide that has me fully engaged in helping others to develop zero-incident safety cultures worldwide.

How can you make the best of the life-changing landslides that have, and will, occur in your life?

The Doc

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  1. Nice post Doc
    Gives me a moment to pause with the wild fire in my area. What if I lost everything? What would I do? How would I survive? Where would I go? Not the questions I should be asking after, yet before. Risk planning should be a part of every Safety program


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