Monday, April 30, 2012

Wherever two or more are gathered – critical mass for any initiative

There was a 60s rock song about one being the loneliest number there ever was.  It is human nature to seek some kind of partnership to get anything done.  Back in the 80s, I talked to an associate who was trying to recruit technical talent from various minority ethnic cultures.  They quickly discovered that if there was only one nontraditional employee in the group, that person left and found employment with another organization where similar companionship was available.

This same concept applies to a culture change, improvement initiative, a new organization, or the like. It takes two or more like minded people to achieve sustainable success. As you begin any of the many improvement plans you want to get ingrained into your organization, be sure you have a soul mate upon which you can count for support.  Yes, even the Lone Ranger needed Tonto to be successful.
The Doc

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  1. Excellent Mike,
    When I go to a company to install a Lean and/or Six Sigma program I find this to be so true. There is no such thing as going it alone in my field. The best leaders have the best followers.
    "It is a wise Prince that makes the King look good".


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