Monday, April 9, 2012

Handle With Care – The many risks of life

We live in a society that is overrun with warning labels. From disclaimers on pills to expiration dates on foods to danger signs on chainsaws – warning labels draw our attention to impending hazards. Recently, I received a box with a gift inside. The sender had attached a big red sticker on the package that said “FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE.”  When I think about life and its fragility, I wonder if we shouldn’t all wear one of these red stickers.

It is not a good idea to cruise through life thinking we are invincible and that everything is going to be just fine – only to discover that we are far more fragile than we thought. It takes only a call from a doctor telling us that we have a life-threatening disease, or the swerve of a careless driver in front of us to remind us that life is extremely uncertain. As safety pros, we know this same reality exists in the workplace. Though we use our professional abilities to reduce the risks for ourselves and others, there are no guarantees! None of us can be certain of another breath. So an important piece of advice … a warning label of sorts:  “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” 

Let’s choose to live as though these were our last moments on earth by loving more deeply, forgiving more readily, giving more generously, caring more genuinely and speaking more kindly. The daily exhibiting of a heart with this kind of wisdom is living a personal value culture that allows us to handle life with care.

The Doc    


  1. Doc,
    Is there anything worth getting hurt at work?
    Family, Freedom and Friends are worth taking a risk, but getting injured for a paycheck?
    Nice entry, made me think


  2. Doc, I like your blog and look forward to your May 9 presentation. What you do in the private sector will help me. I am trying to identify the fire service culture and its connection to firefighter occupational injury and death. Any insight will be appreciated. Thanks, Burt Clark


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