Monday, April 16, 2012

Day-in and day-out: How to keep moving toward excellence

Over the years, I have heard a consistent refrain of how an organization gets to be very good and then stays that way. This thread goes something like: In the essentials – conformity; in the non-essentials –  liberty. And in all things – caring.

From a safety standpoint, the essentials are the regulations that are truly fundamental to what safety professionals and employees must do to avoid and eliminate injuries.

One of the non-essential liberties that will help us get really good is a culture of continuous improvement. This approach has employees across the organization relentlessly engaged in fixing all we can find. The continuous improvement initiative helps us to go beyond the performance that is available via a traditional regs single focus.

The remaining piece is a fantastic part of our profession:  A culture of caring about the lives of others. May we all continue to practice the essentials, the liberties and caring about the who, the what, the how and …

The Doc

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  1. Mike/Doc
    Changing a company culture is like steering a battleship. It takes awhile and everyone has to be on board. You have, once again given me something to use in my next class.



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