Monday, February 13, 2012

Remembering a dear, departed friend

Recently, a friend and fellow Caterpillar Safety Services consultant that I have worked closely with for more than 10 years, Todd Britten, lost his battle with cancer. I can truthfully say a finer man I have not known! Todd Britten was one of those individuals who is rare to come across. He was a courageous leader that spent countless hours assisting distraught companies improve their safety cultures. In short order, Todd Britten helped these organizations develop and live a culture where people don’t get injured. Todd had great talent and was in demand wherever he served.

There was another aspect of our friend Todd Britten that struck all who met him. Todd always had a deep desire to serve. Todd had such good credibility that he often built close personal relationships with the corporate leadership and front line employees with whom he served. They respected Todd for this, and listened to him in a way that made me envious.

There is still another reality of our friend Todd Britten I’d like to tell you about. Those of us in the consulting business often do an insane amount of air time, which in turn qualifies us for airline perks like the little black card made famous by actor George Clooney in the movie “Up in the air.” Some of you may have seen this strange movie, so I’d like to assure you that our friend Todd Britten was the exact antithesis of the character played by Clooney. Todd’s mission was to save people’s lives, not fire them. Todd never took advantage of anyone.

Todd Britten was a man, who developed deep and real relationships that touched people, and his contributions, his work and his voice are all still playing out with in the lives of those he served. May you and I begin to do so as well.

The Doc

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