Monday, December 19, 2011

The Wooden Rule – Acknowledging those who have made a difference in our lives

Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden had an interesting rule for his teams. Whenever a person scored, he was to acknowledge the person on the team who had assisted. Once asked by a player, “Coach won’t that take up too much time?” Wooden answered, “I am not asking you to run over and give him a big hug. A nod will do.” We are not “just a bunch of independent operators.” Each person contributes to the success of everyone else.

Think back over your career- who has used their gifts to build up, strengthen and encourage you to be who you are? My list would take up too much type to get included in these short blog articles. However, for a starter I give thanks for:

• Dr. Dan Petersen, who spent three years of his life drilling into me the need to emphasize the realities of workplace culture, and the accountabilities for action and engagement that individuals must exhibit if safety is to be a high enough priority for an organization to really achieve sustainable improvement.
• Dr. Tom Eppes, who forced me to attend a professional speakers class. This, in turn, helped me to effectively reach thousands of people without boring them to death in the process.
• Standard Oil of California, an organization that trained all of their engineers how to write clearly and effectively.
• Tim Crane, my business partner who, even in very difficult times, provided the resources and encouragement to keep developing our unique approach in improving safety cultures worldwide.
• My wife, who continues to support my reaching out to other people across the world, even though this frequently causes us to be separated for extended periods of time.

Who are the people in your past and present that you need to give a nod of appreciation to for your small victories in life and profession?

The Doc

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