Monday, December 5, 2011

Burning Bridges – Preparing for the next perfect job

In the world in which we currently live, there are ever fewer people who stay in one job for their total career. I sat in on a discussion with the president of a large construction company who was talking to a group of safety professionals about their future. He had been with this company his whole employed life, some 28 years. His comments to the safety staff were about recruiters who were out there procuring needed human resources. Their message was that the work/career world was no longer the same as he had experienced. He could expect that by the time his new recruits approached retirement, they would have worked for about a dozen organizations and been employed in three to five completely different professional capacities.

This translates to a very different kind of résumé, and the need to protect your back trail. As we sever relationships with the last job, the attitude that goes along with the phrase “Take this job and shove it!” is truly burning our bridges behind us. This came into focus when I received a call from a good safety professional whose company downsized him into the world of unemployment. Sure, he could go into a state of bitterness and verbally retaliate, but of what use is this approach?

How many more organizations are there in front of you, intended or not? If you are looking to the future which seems to be in front of us all, you will not be about burning your bridges behind you. Rather, we will learn from our past shortfalls and successes, and look to a better future in which retribution has no part whatsoever.

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