Monday, August 15, 2011

The four Seaborgs – Principles to live by

My undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering is from the University of California. One of the fond remembrances of this difficult and challenging time in my life was being taught by Noble Laureates. A noticeable number of the faculty had received this extremely high honor. I guess my favorite of these was Dr. Glenn Seaborg, a man who had discovered, or co-discovered a number of elements at the local Lawrence Radiation Laboratory that was associated with our Berkeley campus.

To me and many others Dr. Seaborg was a great scientist, a great teacher, a great man and a great role model. In an interview I read, he stated the four principles he lived by that made all the difference in what he did and who he was:
  • Do not procrastinate - Do it now
  • Do the most unpleasant task first
  • Talk to the person you dislike most first
  • Keep everyone informed - Force communication to occur
I try to live up to these four simple, yet powerful Seaborgs. How might they impact who you are and what you do?

The Doc

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