Monday, July 4, 2011

License plates – remembering and learning from our heroes of the past

One of my favorite license plates is the one used in Québec. The surrounding text reads; “Je me Souviens” or “I remember” in French. To me this speaks of a proud heritage developed by the men and women of past generations. Another of my favorites are those that speak of veterans who have served in our country’s military. I especially like my brother-in-law’s Purple Heart license plate and am glad to have him park it on our farm as he stays with us for six months each year.
On this day, our country’s celebration of Independence, I also think of, and give thanks for, the many people in the safety profession who have contributed to our profession and the safety of people throughout the world. Sure our technologies have improved since the days of the safety giants like Heinrich, Petersen and Bird. But, as one of my military friends told me; “We stand on the shoulders of those who went before us.”
During this holiday week I am in remembrance of our past heroes who labored to give us Independence from the seemingly never ending onslaught of military oppressors. And I add to this, heartfelt thanks for the continuing efforts of those in our profession who work to give us independence from the seemingly never ending onslaught of potential injuries in the world’s workplaces and at home.
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