Monday, July 11, 2011

GPS – Recalculating our way to excellence

On road trips I often use a GPS navigation device to guide me along the drive. After entering the destination a voice tells me which road to follow, as well as when and where to make each turn. When I leave the pre-determined route, either accidently or on purpose, the GPS voice says “recalculating” and gives instructions to get back on the correct path to my destination.

How I wish there were a voice from on high that told us how to recalculate our approach to safety in the workplace and at home when someone in our midst takes the wrong path and puts our final destination of going home injury free at risk.

There are all kinds of road signs along the way in the form of policies, procedures and regulations with respect to safety. And yet our employees, and yes on occasion ourselves, take a detour from best practices that put ourselves and others at risk.

As Dr. Dan Petersen used to say “if the answer to who is in charge of safety is anything other than ‘I am’ it is an accident waiting to happen.” So, when we have a close call or an injury, we need to take personal responsibility to stop our other activities and recalculate our path to a zero incident workplace. Pay attention to the workplace indicators and treat them as a voice from on high to change our way and get back on the path to the zero incident culture that we all want to have.

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