Monday, June 27, 2011

Seeds – Doing what you can

A quote I heard recently goes something like “If you cannot create a tree plant a seed.” Many of us in the safety profession work for different organizations and on significantly varying projects. Recently, I find my work is taking me to many different organizations scattered across the planet. I feel fortunate that at each location one or more of the audience comes forward and engages to some depth in discussions on creating or improving viable safety cultures.
This is a lot different from my days at the facility level where I could work in the longer term to assist in growing a tree of culture excellence. These days it is more about planting a seed and then watering it via email or phone calls.
We all have different stages in life that affect our potential impact on work and families and their cultures. Yet when called upon, I cannot opt out if the situation links with the talents I have developed over the years. So, I take time to plant that seed. And, if called on, water it to the best of my abilities within the available resources. Maybe, just maybe, there is a small forest sprouting in the scattered landscape of my travel realities. The message? Don’t opt out if personal perfection is not possible; rather engage to the best of your ability with the situation that is presented to you. The days and memories are better this way than if I had done nothing.
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