Monday, April 11, 2011

Ruts: Improving our life

Medical studies have shown that even though people who have had heart-bypass surgery are told that they must change their lifestyle or die, about 90% do not change. Typically two years after surgery the patients haven’t altered their lifestyle. It seems that most would rather die than change.

You know this personal stubbornness lives in other parts of our lives as well. And week after week we are given messages that reinforce what is the correct path for us to take:

• Substance and food warnings

• Governmental regulations

• Educational programming

• Personal interaction principles

• Safety standards

And I, for one, tend to stay in my own comfort zone with my “personal, private, low pressure, portable” ideas, beliefs and attitudes.

On occasion, do you feel a twinge to:

• Make a donation to a struggling organization, friend, or family

• Follow the rules

• Caringly reach out to help someone

• Slow down and live a more cautious lifestyle
How do I (you) get out of personal ruts and on to the track that we really should follow?
Think about it. Is there a twinge that you should take on as a personal challenge to get out of your ruts? Why not pick one twinge to work on until it becomes a habit you are happy to live with. I have read that it takes about 21 consecutive days of doing a new task for it to become a habit.
My personal twinge, after breaking my ankle while skiing, deals with slowing down and living a more cautious and caring lifestyle.
Do you have such a twinge? Do you have one that you would like to have? What is it? What should you do about this?
The Doc

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