Monday, March 21, 2011

Crutches: Realities of injured employees

What do crutches bring to your mind? I remember things like old jokes about “rubber crutches” or some dated cartoons showing old guys racing on crutches. Recently my perspective has changed a lot! Right after posting the blog article “Crotch Rocket” which deals with personal risk assessment, I slipped while skiing, dislocated an ankle and broke some leg bones. The old jokes just didn’t seem to be funny anymore. As I have had to live and travel while on crutches, I have discovered things like transportation security agents’ need to pay closer attention to anyone with metal parts. Then there are the realities of the collateral affects of pain meds. Or how about the surprising care shown by all kinds of people who will try and help those who are in need? Ahh, what a pleasant surprise!

These significant personal lifestyle changes caused me to consider in greater depth the fateful realities of our injured employees. They get to live with the pain, the inconveniences, the medication side effects, and the family and acquaintance relationship realities that just shouldn’t have happened.
We will all continue to be exposed to tribulations in the current world in which we live. And with this in mind, what are the risks in our workplaces and lifestyles which we need to take a determined leadership role in delivering permanent solutions?
The Doc

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