Monday, January 31, 2011

Crotch Rocket – My personal risk assessment

What is it that gets your adrenaline flowing? I think we all have something we do that “turns us on.”  For some it is low risk; my wife loves to garden, and will even go out in the winter to make sure the next season’s perennials have the best chance. For others the ‘turn on’ has a much higher personal risk.  From a profession viewpoint NASCAR drivers and football quarterbacks come to mind.

 But what about you and me, “the average Joe” who holds down a job and still looks for something beyond the day to day.  In this arena friends who consistently drive high horsepower motorcycles (or sports cars) have many more opportunities for personal disaster than the gardeners of the world.  From personal experience, those who frequently ride bicycles or jog on public roads may not get the adrenaline rush, but do qualify for consistently engaging in hazardous hobbies.

Remember “The Big Five” article a while back? How do your off the job activities with high risk assessments come into play with those things that are most important to you?  As you answer this question keep in mind that injury statistics consistently point to off the job activities as being the leading cause of injuries and fatalities.

As safety pros what are we doing to reduce our off the job risks, those of our family members, and those of our employees?  As with on the job safety culture, the personal examples we demonstrate to others greatly affect their personal actions.  Is it time for you to do a personal off the job risk assessment and then professionally do something positive about it?  It will greatly affect your Big 5 and that of others.

The Doc

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