Monday, December 27, 2010

Retake-Learnings from past mistakes

There are many times in life when we wish we could have a retake. Whether because of mistakes we have made in facial expressions, voice inflexions, words, or deeds- we wish we could start over.  We wish we could take back all that we messed up that has affected ourselves and others. 

Over the years I have found that for many of these personal mistakes I get a chance to try again when a similar circumstance occurs.  The question then is, have we learned from our mistakes? Have we learned our lesson, or have our inappropriate behaviors/responses become such a part of us that we head back down our own personal road to destruction? 

Those questions can be asked about safety as well. Are we just repeating the same mistakes? 


Do we get trapped in the accident reaction cycle, or do we strive to learn from and improve safety culture based on our past?

The choice is ours. 

The Doc

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