Monday, December 6, 2010

Poop- A culture that solves hard problems

In the Middle America fly over country farm belt where I live there is a humorous old story about a farmer and his son who are walking down a dirt road at dusk. The farmer sees a big pile, turns to his son and says; “Looks like poop.” As they get closer he tells his son; “Smells like poop.” He reaches down and sticks a finger in the pile; “Feels like poop.” The farmer puts his finger to his tongue and mutters; “Tastes like poop, sure glad we didn’t step in it!”

It is not all that uncommon for safety pros to be confronted by serious problems that sure look, smell and feel like a pile of poop. However, in our profession that is all about eliminating the possibilities of injury, we can’t walk around (avoid) these stinking realities. We aren’t paid to step into the piles either. Rather, we are to work with our fellow employees and carefully shovel the dangers out of our work and off the job environments.

Safety can be a very satisfying career, and denial or aversion of difficult situations is not a part of who we are.

The Doc

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