Monday, December 13, 2010

Kilimanjaro- The Role of New Technologies for Solving Difficult Issues

Kilimanjaro is a very large mountain (about 19,000 feet) near the equator of Africa. In the local language Kilimanjaro translates to ‘difficult mountain.’ In the 1800s it was a very difficult mountain to climb. The modern technology for mountain climbing was not invented and very few people were fit enough to be able to make the climb. However, in our century about 200 people begin the trek to the top of Kilimanjaro each day and there is even an annual round trip marathon run to the top of Kilimanjaro. Areas of the mountain which were not climbable 100 years ago are now a normal venue for the climbers with newer technology tools, equipment and a culture of fitness.

In today’s workplace we too have some difficult safety culture mountains which need to be climbed that weren’t even attempted 50 years ago. The old technology of regulations, observations and authoritarian management style will only take us part way up the mountain of a zero injury safety culture. They will not take us all the way, nor will they solve certain reality areas that require something beyond glasses and gloves and punitive discipline. The whole new world of human culture in a very diverse workplace requires new, more advanced safety technologies.

What newer tools and technologies are available for our current difficult safety mountain challenges?
  • A good diagnostic of your existing safety culture to determine what terrain needs to be conquered
  • A series of joint management-employee teams to address the culture crevasses that exist
  • A lifestyle of safety accountabilities (fitness) for all which in turn develops a passionate culture of zero injuries and engages people from across your organization.
The end result of the application of these new safety technologies is that all in the team are able to live in and enjoy the benefits of a zero injury safety culture. We now have the means to regularly conquer our current day, more difficult safety mountains and deliver a culture that just doesn’t have injuries.

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