Monday, November 15, 2010

Termites- Succession planning

The Savannah (grass lands) of Africa is home for the Macro Termite. This insect lives in colonies which make huge (6 feet high) termite mounds that are evident throughout the land. The Termite colonies have a queen that lives for about 20 years and untold thousands of workers that last about 5 years each. Each of the workers has a specialty job it diligently performs for its whole life. And it is not uncommon for the lifespan of any members of the colony to quickly end as an Aardvark (termite/ant eater) chooses their particular termite mound for an evening meal.

OK, so what does this have to do with a safety culture? 

Have you done any succession planning to ensure that your plans for an injury free safety culture continue in the event of unexpected (or expected) personnel changes? We don’t live forever, nor do our people stay around forever. What you are doing is too important for it all to come to a sudden end because of an “Aardvark” like event that takes one or more critical people out of action.

A good succession plan is important to termites, businesses and safety cultures. Why not update (create) yours soon.

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