Monday, November 22, 2010

Island Hopping- How to set priorities that will help you succeed

In World War ll’s war in the Pacific some strategic islands needed to be taken while others were bypassed. The term Island Hopping described this reality. 
In the world of safety there are often too many needs for the available resources. That leads to the question; How do we handle this common difficulty? In all the situations, in all the countries, in all the cultures I have worked in there has always been one or more work groups that are a local success culture. There is just something different about this kind of team. They get things done well and on time.

As I enter local difficult situations I often ask various employees and managers; “What are you proud of?” Inevitably I will eventually find someone who has good answers for this open ended question. From there the path leads to one or more groups that are the strategic objectives for a world of limited resources. Give this group all the support you can and they will turn the mess into success.

And the support has to go beyond just dolling out cash. They need training, mentoring, attention, communication and the like. If they didn’t need this, they would have already solved your safety problems. With your help they are your best hope for victory in the war against injuries that all too often just doesn’t have enough resource to do everything for everybody.

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