Monday, October 25, 2010

The Future Of Training As I See It- Employee leadership

The current state of safety training for many organizations looks like:
  • Compliance programs have had little to no change in years. They are stale and uninteresting
  • Smaller staff  has lead to videos or web based training. This continual cost pressure has all but eliminated the more effective stand up training that employees benefited from in the past
  • The above results in a “check in the box” mentality to safety training that affects morale, as a general disinterest in safety topics becomes endemic.
Global forward thinking companies are involving their hourly work force in Continuous Improvement teamwork. The better organizations are focused on transforming their cultures in production, quality, customer service and safety to hourly involvement and ownership of their workspace: activities, deliverables and accountabilities.
The hourly employee delivers the product, its quality, its timing and their own safety and that of others. The focus is becoming “the hourly employee as CEO of their 10x12.” After all, as my papa once told me, “We pay for the body and the mind comes for free.”

The workforce culture in the next five years will continue this migration toward a culture of hourly ownership of all that they need to do to deliver excellence in quality, production, customer service and safety. 

Hourly personnel will start each shift with a 5-10 minute mini training on what applies to their work that day: PPE, forklifts, JSAs, etc. Once they make this shift from listener to do-er, they will become the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) that practice and live excellence of all that it takes to become the low cost, high quality, on time producer of the organization’s products. All this while living the zero incident safety culture they train and own on a relentless, never-ending basis.

How does this fit with your organization’s future training plans?

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