Monday, October 18, 2010

Chelan County PUD Embraces Safety as a Value with Lasting Effects

The Chelan County PUD has a history of embracing safety as a districtwide value. Safety Director Ron Franklin purchased CoreMedia’s video within a month of its release, and subsequent viewings reinforced not only the value the PUD placed on safety, but a desire to emphasize it in the PUD’s value statements.

Chelan County PUD had previously listed safety as a subcategory of “operational excellence.” Realizing its importance as a foundational business practice, members of the PUDs strategic planning team and the Safety Director wished to highlight safety in its own value statement.  

"Safety is a part of everything we do as a utility, not just a component of operational excellence.  We were in the process of drafting a strategic plan for our utility and in the process reviewed our value statements and felt safety was important enough to single it out.  

We watched ‘Safety as a Value’ and it reinforced the importance of calling it out on its own. Viewing CoreMedia’s film was a useful tool in support of this crucial element,” Ron stated.

Their newly added Safety Value Statement is as follows:

We have a strong commitment to public and employee safety as an integral part of our daily work.  We promote a positive and proactive safety culture with active employee participation.  We strive to prevent every accident and try to learn from those that do happen so they are not repeated.  We have the courage to hold one another accountable for working safely.

Chelan County PUDs efforts to redefine its value statement are an excellent step in the move toward safety being completely integrated into the way they operate. 

 Congratulations, Chelan County PUD. We salute your passion for safety and commitment to a zero incident safety culture!

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