Monday, September 13, 2010

The Big 5

Todd Britten is a fellow safety pro and consultant who consistently provides excellent assistance. Recently Todd impressed me with a concept that really makes sense-"The Big 5." Todd was working with an organization’s safety improvement team. The team was struggling with how to effectively engage a workforce with a long history of accepting a weak safety culture. Lights went on in the people’s heads as Todd described his personal Big 5:
  1. Faith: “My number one value is a faith in the Lord. He is my guide, my savior, my Lord. In all things I try to be committed to following His examples and teaching.”
  2. Family: “My wife, my daughter, our siblings and our parents are next in line. I will do whatever it takes of me for them.”
  3.  Health: “I have been blessed with good health, both personally and within my family. It is amazingly easy to take this for granted.”
  4. Job: “I ride for the brand and love what I do. Assisting others to develop and live their own Zero Incident Safety Culture is a daily inspiration that I truly love to engage in.”
  5. Country: “I love the country we live in. The United States is truly the land of the free and the home of the brave. “
Todd’s next comment to the audience was to have them list their own Big 5. This led to some deep, meaningful thoughts and discussions that definitely made a profound impact on those with whom he was working. 

 And then the kicker; “What would happen to your Big 5 if you were to be involved in a serious injury?”

I know that when Todd talked to me about this, I stopped and gave it some real thought. This led me to be even more committed to my personal safety, that of my family and that of those with whom I come in contact

What are your Big 5? 

How about the Big 5 of your family and associates at work, or in your community? 

Can this concept lead to a commitment that will make a difference in yours and others’ personal safety?

The Doc

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