Monday, July 5, 2010

NVA: Kill ‘em

The NVA; oh how we seem to love the simple solutions that are really not solutions at all but mostly Non Value Added. In safety there seems to be an unending list of NVA. Among these I list such things as: rewarding injury rates, safety bingo focused on injury rates, filling out observation cards as a major safety initiative, punishing injured employees that are deemed to be guilty of safety infractions, trash and trinket incentives, safety poster contests, safety magic….the list of ‘the usual suspects’ seems to go on forever.

Does a focus on ‘the usual suspects’ ever consistently improve safety performance in the long run? My experience with these safety cultures that are built on sand is not good. We need rock solid initiatives that focus on excellence in day-to-day actions, not another house of cards, not another program of the month.

What are your well thought out, rock solid safety accountabilities up and down and across the organization? Are they built by the people that use them? Are they based on a diagnostic that drills down to the root cause issues of a weak safety culture? Are the solutions developed by Continuous Improvement teams made up of volunteer employees that deliver practical, effective day-to-day solutions to the day-to-day issues?

Or are you locked into a safety culture that is the classic definition of insanity? Kill the NVA and get out of the hole you are in. Focus on the right stuff, not safety fluff.

The Doc

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