Monday, June 21, 2010


My wife and I enjoy avocados. As we moved into a home in southern California we were excited to see a young avocado tree in the yard. Each year we anxiously awaited the crop of avocados and made sure they had the best chance by watering, fertilizing, weeding and the like. Each year we got some fruit that never matured. So off my wife went to the nursery and asked for advice. “Lady, you need to beat the base of the tree with a baseball bat. It bruises the outer layer of the tree and then the nutrients go to growing the avocado instead of growing the tree.”

Out came the baseball bat and we excitedly anticipated our first crop…which once again did not mature. Back she went back to the nursery with some of the small fruit that just wasn’t right.

“Lady, this fruit is an olive and no matter how hard you beat that tree you can’t convince an olive to become an avocado.”

And now a lesson or two in life; ‘Guess we need to grow where we are planted and produce what we were designed and made to do. If you are a good safety pro don’t worry about the other folk that move up the ladder, be the best you can be at what you do well. Spend some personal introspective time to find out what you really do well and are happiest at, then continue to pursue that passion.

If you feel a calling to branch out it is OK to try a new path, but if it doesn’t work no amount of beating will turn you into what you were not meant to be.

The Doc

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