Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vis á vis

Vis á vis is a French phrase meaning face-to-face. Not really like the Western term meaning “In your face,” but more like a caring engagement between two or more people.
OK so sometimes in safety, as well as other professions, you are called on for in your face moments. However, this is not the type of ongoing culture that leads to performance excellence.

In truth the object of this short blog article is to invite you all to a friendly, professional face-to-face experience that will be enjoyable for all of us. The ASSE-PDC occurs June 13 – 19 in Baltimore, MD.
This is the BIG vis á vis event for all of us at CoreMedia. Most of our staff will be in booth 2110 Sunday June 13 through Tuesday June 15.

In addition we are also giving two professional topics about achieving specific aspects of safety culture excellence. On Monday June 14 at 4:30 pm I will present “Getting Senior Management to Invest in Changing Safety Cultures” at session #564.

Wednesday at 3:15 pm is Todd Britten’s turn on the podium for “Safety from an Executive’s Point of View: Turning complaints into Efficiencies” at session #785.

CoreMedia is a company of people who are serious about helping others light a cultural fire of safety excellence. We all hope you will stop by the booth, join in the presentations and engage in a friendly face-to-face conversation as we share the warmth of a mutual commitment to a safety culture fire of excellence.

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