Monday, May 31, 2010

Six World Class Safety Culture Necessities

A company safety director and friend recently asked for my thoughts on what 4 to 5 bullets I believe would drive safety leadership. This was food for thought for an executives’ discussion on world class performance. I originally thought of Dr. Dan Petersen’s 6 Criteria of Safety Excellence or CoreMedia’s 6 Levels of Safety Performance.

Because his execs were already familiar with these concepts I gave into their desire for “something new.” With that in mind, these are my immediate thoughts on the subject:
  • Safety Accountabilities at every operational level that are well defined, value added, trained, measured and rewarded
  • •Excellence in safety communications that are: consistent, frequent enough, preach the message, recognize the results of good performers
  •  Continuous Improvement teams that relentlessly pursue zero incident goals at every facility and are measured by their action completions
  • A weeding out of employees that don’t support this safety culture change at all levels of the organization
  •  A world class, intense incident investigation and near miss process that is followed and reported on religiously at every site
  • A recognition system that uses the above leading metrics and reinforces the importance of safety excellence activities that make a difference
I asked my friend to give these some thought and thanked him for asking.

The Doc

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