Monday, May 3, 2010

The Missionary

Our culture has a rich tradition of missionaries. And there are many kinds of missionaries out there putting forth their messages. In this case I’d like to concentrate on the missionaries that both preach and practice what they preach about saving peoples lives. Yes, I guess they could also be called sales people, but not those with a message about cars, or diets or the like. Let’s stay focused on saving lives.
Such a missionary has spent time in the study of their “profession” along with its rules of engagement, dos and don’ts, unique cultural realities, etc. These missionaries are also practitioners of what they preach because people are watching to see if what they say is true in what they do. And they are trainers of their message, lifestyle and culture. They have and live zeal and passion for what they profess. In essence they must be professionals in every sense of the word.

Is not this kind of missionary a good model for the safety professionals? Are we not about making disciples of all the people we come in contact with both on the job and after hours? Should we not have passion and zeal for the saving of people’s lives both on and off the job? How can we be more believable to all with whom we come in contact? What do we need to change in our study and approach to get the people we are trying to reach to become disciples for the messages and practices of a zero injury safety culture?

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