Friday, April 2, 2010

Speaking of home safety....

This weekend I was playing up in the attic of our family cabin with Elijah (my son who is 6) and his friend Nate (who is 5). It has a trap door and a ladder built into the wall, not a pull down stair like many attics have. We have a large slot car track and train set up in the attic for the kids.

The kids play up there often. Most of the time I remind the kids about the hole in the floor. I have never seen it as risky, until.... this weekend Nate fell from the attic. It’s probably close to a 10ft drop. He was distracted and moving across the floor and forgot about the hole. I watched him fall. I can still see him falling.....

I have watched our program “How We Lead” numerous times. I’ve heard Skipper Kendrick and others say things like, “why is it that we have to experience traumatic events to change the way we think?” and others say, “ was a failure of procedures, intent really..” Meaning I could have done something about this. It could have been prevented.

It still increases my heart rate to think about. It still brings tears to my eyes.
Praise God that his life wasn’t permanently changed. He did break his shoulder.
We treated the hole in the floor as if it was an acceptable hazard. As if it couldn’t be fixed. Nate paid for it.
 Now we will fix it.

In our business we call this “Level 1 – Safety.” It is totally reactive behavior. Sad that it takes these types of events to change the way we live.

May your eyes be opened to risks that you have accepted. May you choose to be proactive.
Safety can be brought into control when accountability systems are developed by those at risk.

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