Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let the Excitement Begin!

Welcome to “The Doc” or at least the thoughts of this guy who has been involved with organization turn arounds for a couple of decades or so. In these years of working with people who desperately needed to improve there have been a number of consistent threads. I got deeper into safety as a result of a fatality. In time it struck me that safety culture excellence and organizational culture excellence were basically in need of the same tools and the same approaches. It is about a business model or approach that engages people up and down and all across an organization in the relentless pursuit of eliminating errors.

The ‘relatively short’ posts you are about to experience on this blog are not about academics, they are not about government mandates, they are not about catch and correct. They are my thoughts on the genuine, practical engagement of you and your people in a culture, a lifestyle that just does not make mistakes.

Thank you for engaging with me on these thoughts. I look forward to our social networking on the elimination of injuries and incidents in our lives and those of the people we know.
The Doc

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